Termostat for refrigeration with three NTC semiconductor , six outputs relays and four inputs.

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DRFD products are the innovative decounter systems of DTI. They are suitable for single and double serve systems. These are a straightforward and safety way in order to ensure your sales.



The product give the possibility of erogation only if there are credits in the machine. This function notices the presence of a tag in the surroundings of the machine and reads the tag's code. In other words, when approaching a tag to the machine, the DTI system is able to recognize the code and to activate the machine for the established and setted doses.


The absence of contact between the antenna and the tag and the straightforwardness of utilization are indeed the main advantage of this DTI's product. The tag reading is without contact, so it avoids holes on the coffee machines and external devices. It is also very easy to install. The antenna is flexible and slim, these allow an easy installation. There are audible signal and leds that help final users in the managment of the cards.


Thanks to a portable device and a software PC (DRFID) of DTI, it is possible set up and read cards. There are two different types of card: - credit cards, these have the function of manage credits and enable the erogation. They are usualy used by the final user. - setting cards, they have the function of manage the machine with several configurable settings. They are always used by the maintainers.


CREDIT TRANSFER CARD: This card allows to transfer for a selected number of times (“repetitions”) a certain quantity of credits. The number of the credits transferred is the one inserted during the programming of the card (“number of credits”). The credit transferred is added to the existing ones already on the machine.

SINGLE CREDIT DEDUCTION CARD: This card allows to deduct one credit at the time on the machine. If you program a card for 20 credits, you can deduct for 20 times one credit. Also in this case the credit is added to the existing ones already on the machine.

FIXED CREDIT NON ADDITIONAL CARD: This card allows to deduct without limits the credits and overwrites the existing credits on the machine

FIXED CREDIT ADDITIONAL CARD: This card allows to deduct without limits the credits but conversely to the previous card, here credits are added to the existing credits on the machine.


CARD READING CREDITS AND DOSES: This card allows to read the remaining credits in the machine and the total number of doses made by the machine CREDIT RESET CARD: This card allows to reset the credits on the machine. Once the card is approached to the machine, the machine will have 0 credits left. MACHINE SETTING CARD: This card allows to set in a new machine the secret code, the desired reserve credit and the minimum time for dosage after which the credit is deducted TRASNFERRING SETTINGS CARD: This card allows to transfer from a machine to another the following functions: residual credits, secret code, reserve and minimum time form dosage.


Alimentazione 230 Vac ± 10% 50/60 Hz
  115 Vac ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Ingressi alta tensione 1 ingresso 230 Vac ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Uscite alta tensione 1 uscita principale 7A / 250 VAC Resistivi
  1 uscite secondaria 16 A /250 VAC Resistivi
Ingressi a bassa tensione ingresso bassa tensione contatto pulito
  Ingresso a impulsi per controllo sensore volumetrico
Uscite a bassa tensione 2 Led di segnalazione
  1 allarme sonoro
Dimensioni contenitore 73,5 mm x 45,4mm x 75mm
Temperatura di lavoro 0 … +50°C con Umidità Relativa: 30 ... 85 % (senza condensa)
Temperatura di immagazzinamento - 20 ... + 80 °C, Umidità Relativa: 30 ... 85 % (senza condensa)
Materiale contenitore PVC V0
Tipo di connessioni faston maschio 6,3
  connettoremaschio passo 2,54
Tipo di fissaggio Fissaggio a pannello tramite vite diametro massimo Ø 3,8mm

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