Temperature controller for heating or cooling, with one probe.

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The RED31 controller is an electronic instrument, designed and manufactured to measure, display, and control temperatures between – 50 ... + 100 °C, and can control timed defrost cycles through compressor OFF. It is particularly suitable for applications in positive temperature refrigeration plants and for heating apllications trought a resistence. The thermostat can control a compressor or a resistence, with an absorption of up to 8 A, directly through a relay. The compressor is activated when the temperature rises and reaches the set point + differential value and is stopped when the temperature drops back to the set point value in the cooling mode . Instead teh resistence is actived when the temperature drops down to the set point - differential value and it is stopped when the temperature rises and reaches the set point value in the heating mode. The thermostat can also control timed defrost cycles through compressor stop. Both the interval time between defrost cycles and the duration of the latter can be set by the end-user. The temperature is detected through a semiconductor NTC probe that can be installed up to 10 m / 30 ft from the thermostat without need for instrument re-calibration. The temperature detected by the probe(s) is visualized on a 2 ½-digit red LED display and two red LED horizontal bars. To indicate negative temperature values only the central horizontal bar lights up, while both horizontal bars light up to indicate the instrument is in the parameter configuration mode.


SIMPLE PROGRAMMING: instrument programming is easy to carry out through the front panel keypad with no need for tools or complicated procedures.
LIMITED NUMBER OF PARAMETERS: all instrument operating modes can be programmed through a limited number of parameters.
DECIMAL POINT: it is possible to select the decimal point option in order to view and manage the decimal value. This is possible only with positive numbers.
COOLING/HEATING OPTION: the termostat is able to work in cooling or heating mode. This option is easily programmable.
SELECTING THE UNIT OF MEASURE: the user can choose between two units of measure to display the temperature, i.e., either in ° Celsius or in ° Fahrenheit.
TROUBLESHOOTING: the hermostat can detect and signal the following defects: a not connected, interrupted or short-circuited probe; when the detected temperature exceeds the temperature limit of the probe; a loss of data or a data memory failure; a temperature exceeding the high or low alarm limits.


DISPLAY:: 2 ½ -digit, 7-segment, 14.2 mm high, red LED display, plus 2 horizontal red LED bars
PROBE INPUTS: 2 inputs for NTC type probes with measuring range - 50 ... + 100 ° C
COMPRESSOR OUTPUT: relè SPST, AC 250 V, 8 A (resistive)
ACCURACY AT 25 °C: ± 0.7 % f.s.
POWER SUPPLY: AC 230 V ± 10 % 50/60 Hz
  AC 115 V ± 10 % 50/60 Hz
  AC 12 V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz
OPERATING CONDITIONS: operating temperature: 0 ... + 50 °C; storage temperature: - 20 ... + 80 °C; Relative Humidity: 30 ... 85 % (non-condensing);
MECHANICAL FEATURES: panel-mount, self-extinguishing ABS plastic container, screw connectors for wires up to 2,5 mm².

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